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Asset Management

Asset Management

The Asset Management service allows you to delegate, in a professional, the management of your investments. Golden will then take responsibility for the day-to-day decision making on your portfolio, deciding which investments to buy or sell, and when to do so.

We believe that diversification through different asset classes is a decisive factor of the long-term investment performance.
For the construction of your portfolio, we use a range of asset allocation strategies that have been determined by our Director of Investments and the Investment Committee.

Depending on your profile, we'll build the ideal solution for your portfolio, your composition and instruments.

Asset Management services, depending on your needs

Personalised Investment Management

Taylor-made of an unique portfolio, meeting your needs and financial goals.

Investment Profiles Management

Allocating a portion of your assets within a global Golden solution "Investment profiles management".
The strategic recommendations and allocation by different asset classes will be adjusted based on your investor profile previously determined.

Golden Equity Investments

Global Equity strategy management investing in world wide companies based on their business value and their current price, evaluating the difference between these two realities.
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