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About us

About Us


- Established in 2000

- Supervised by CMVM 

- With more than 700M€ of assets under management and advising

- Individual, Institutional and Companies Clients

Our services help our clients to invest more wisely, with total transparency and independence.
At Golden, apart from experienced people and experts, we have a team that understands that no financial assets are built from one day to the next.
Therefore, in an independent and thorough way, we dedicate ourselves into thinking about the present and the future of your financial assets in order to create value for all of them.

Our Values





 Absence of conflicts of interest

Absence of conflicts of interest

Our People

With sustainable growth since 2000, Our People have played a key role in this journey.

António Nunes da Silva
António Nunes da Silva CEO

A strategic thinker and inspiring leader, who can engage colleagues and drive change and innovation.
With a wealth of experience in leadership, he has extensive financial market knowledge and in-depth knowledge of customer concerns

João Correia de Matos
João Correia de Matos Board Member & Chief Compliance Officer

His professional experience has enabled him to develop a strong problem-solving knowledge based on a common-sense and viable approach, with a special know-how in matters of legal and / or regulatory nature, always with a keen sense of the rules of compliance.

Sérgio Silva
Sérgio Silva Board Member & Chief Investment Officer

Solid analytical base combined with a thorough understanding of the functioning of the Financial Markets. In addition to being an Administrator, he has been Chief Investment Officer at Golden Assets since its establishment and is the Head of Golden´s Investment Committee.

Sérgio Ruivinho
Sérgio Ruivinho Head of Clients

Responsible for Golden's entire commercial structure, with extensive experience in the financial sector. Professional with strong communication skills, leadership and strategic thinking.

João Tavares
João Tavares Head of Financial Advising for Major Clients

With the CFA certification, he is responsible for personalized financial advice to high-net worth clients, aiming to add value across the spectrum of a client's family wealth, long-term strategic planning and investment advice on a regular basis.

Nuno Basílio
Nuno Basílio Advising Services

Certified CAIA (CAIA Association) and CFA (CFA Institute).Director of the Advising Golden Future service, promotes, together with his team, an "across the board" look at the service. Extensive experience in analyzing investment portfolios, applying its know-how and ensuring the best follow-up of our clients' portfolios.

Vítor Pires
Vítor Pires Asset Management Service

Certified CFA, by the CFA Institute, is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the asset allocation in all portfolios 

Daniel Bastos
Daniel Bastos Director Brokerage Service

Director of the Brokerage Service, since always professionally linked to the financial markets and Trading Rooms.
Dynamic spirit and attentive to customers' needs

Vasco Freitas
Vasco Freitas Head of Equities

Head of Equity Research, he is also the manager of Golden Equity Investments Strategy.
His Research is evaluated and studied weekly in investment committees.

Luís Mateus
Luís Mateus Head of Fixed Income

Head of Fixed Income Research, producing the research necessary for making investment decisions in this asset class.

Mariana Tavares
Mariana Tavares Operations Manager

At Golden since 2005, she is in charge of the Operations Department where, together with her team, guarantees the executions and operation of all Golden´s services.

Cláudia Moreira
Cláudia Moreira Marketing & Communication Manager

At Golden since 2006, great perseverance and dynamism associated with a strong commitment to Golden and its clients

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