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Investment Process

Investment Process

In a volatile, uncertain and complex financial world, we believe that success can only be achieved if we are all focused on what matters most. Hence, Golden holds strategic guidelines in which it believes, the result of more than 21 years of experience in Asset Management.

We believe diversification across multiple asset classes determines the performance of the long term investment and is more advantageous than the picking of funds or stocks alone.

In order to build your portfolio we use asset allocation strategies defined by our Investment Director and by the Investment Comitee.
According to your profile, we will design the ideal solution for your portfolio, its composition and which instruments to use.

Our management team will ensure that your portfolio will always reflect our vision and that your investments contemplate the options we believe to be the best.


Consists on the creation of an investment portfolio mixing diferent asset classes, designed to fit each client’s objectives and profile.
The basic assumption is to maintain this mix stable across time.
For example, at Golden, our strategic positioning (Golden Strategic Asset Allocation) consists of an investment mix of 5 asset classes and 8 sub segments.
We choose not to include estate investments, since we assume our clients already hold these kind on investments.


Tactic allocation assumes strategic allocation, but makes adjustments on the portfolio on a regular basis adapting to the changing in market conditions, according to predictions and convictions.
These changes (or portfolio rebalancing) are decided in our weekly comitees, where macroeconomic developments and adjustments to our clients’ portfolios are evaluated.


As the strategic plan is defined and its tactical adjustments identified, the selection of instruments determines the instruments used to execute that strategy.
At Golden, we dedicate an entire team to scrutinize and identify the best funds available, basing on a due dilligence process that considers both quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Our fund selection process consists on the ‘5 P’s Analysis’
- Policy of Investments
- Process
- People
- Positioning
- Performance

On a daily basis we analyse about 50.000 funds, monitor, track and pick our shor-list of selected funds.



The protection of our clientes has always been the guiding premise of our activity.
Conscious of the role that trust plays on your relations, Golden prides itself for having a vast partnerships network with top tier national and international counterparts.

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